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Incensed, Roemer camp cries ‘bulls*&t’

The Independent
Walter Pierce -  8-26- 2011

Outraged over former Louisiana Gov. Buddy Roemer’s exclusion from an upcoming televised debate hosted by Politico and NBC News, Roemer’s campaign manager lashed out at what he characterizes as the corporate media’s self-serving muffling of Roemer’s message about the negative influence of money in U.S. politics. In fact, Roemer, who is also a former congressman, has been virtually blacklisted by political media and the GOP in his quest for the Republican presidential nomination.
Be warned, campaign manager Carlos Sierra gets a little salty in the diatribe emailed Thursday to supporters in which he also lashes out at “established” members of the current Republican field:
Once again, due to arbitrary, or as I call them, bullshit rules, Governor Roemer will be left out of the September 7th debate hosted by Politico and NBC News. It’s a sad day in our country when a former Congressman, Governor, and current successful businessman is not invited to be on-stage to discuss the corrupting influences of money in politics and the continued demise of our economy.
It’s laughable and disappointing that there will be someone on stage whose ignorant mind compared homosexuality to bestiality; the Godfather of Obamacare will also be allowed to defend his unconstitutional law; there will be a former pizza chain executive who discriminates against the Muslim faith; and there will be someone on stage who thinks it’s more important to vacation in Hawaii than to campaign for the most important office of the free world. I don’t know about you, but I’m truly disgusted by our system right now.
There is a candidate in this race who has the courage and intelligence to fight for what is right. He will never bow down to China like our current President does, or to the OPEC thugs that pray we will always depend on their oil. We finally have a candidate who doesn’t care about the money and the corruption it causes. Buddy Roemer will always put America first!
Again, it’s sad day when a former Governor, a former Congressman and a successful businessman is left off the stage. NBC News, FOX News, Politico, and the rest of the corporate-owned media are essentially choosing our nominee for us. What happened to the voters deciding instead of corporate fat cats behind smoke-filled rooms?
Carlos Sierra
Campaign Manager